ColorMe: Princess

ColorMe: Princess 1.0.3

Pretty princesses for your kids to color in


  • Selection of pictures
  • Set as wallpaper, share with friends
  • Good range of colors


  • No zoom function
  • No undo function

Not bad

ColorMe: Princess is a basic coloring app that will keep your kids – especially little girls – entertained for an hour or two.

This app is very basic, so don’t expect a wide variety of features. Even so, there is a selection of drawings to choose from, each showing a pretty Disney-style princess in a variety of settings. The colors you are currently using are displayed at the top of the screen, and you click on the little palette to get the full selection.

The ColorMe: Princess drawings are colored in just by touching the color you want and then touching the drawing where you want to paint. It’s simple enough, but ColorMe: Princess doesn’t have a zoom function, which means it’s pretty hard to paint the small parts without drowning everything else in color.

ColorMe: Princess isn’t the best coloring app for Android out there, but it’s simple, free and for some quick and easy kid-friendly entertainment, it fills the bill pretty well.

ColorMe: Princess has lots of pretty princesses to color in, but it lacks options that would make it more comfortable to use.

ColorMe: Princess


ColorMe: Princess 1.0.3

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